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The Oracle relational database management system (RDBMS) changed into the preliminary product providing and is on the middle of maximum Oracle product installations. This product is designed to provide the centers to save and retrieve information in a diffusion of codecs. The records entrusted to Oracle is stored in a sequence of information documents on disk drives of the pc this is jogging the Oracle RDBMS. it might be satisfactory if the easy categorization structure defined formerly blanketed all viable DBA process descriptions. but, there are numerous nuances within the roles and responsibilities that need to be taken into consideration in light of your abilities and the "culture" observed for your agency. If not anything else, analyzing different people's paintings environments is an interesting pastime. whilst you are a representative, you want some thing to get you thru positive habitual assignments.

DBA is usually the person satisfactory applicable to put out the disks, methods, and reminiscence in a manner that optimizes the database. Many Oracle features such as loading software require get admission to to gadget administrative privileges. Balanced against the blessings of getting all the strength (gadget and database) are the restrictions of hours in the day and functionality of mastering each the working gadget and the database control gadget. An unfortunate hassle encountered in a whole lot of stores that are down-sizing is that database and machine directors are regularly asked to lay out and installation a gadget after having only a minimum quantity of supplier education and little realistic revel in.

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ORACLE Project Course Modules

Ajax Key Concepts

  • GET vs. Post
  • Data Types
  • A Is for Asynchronous
  • Same-origin Policy and JSONP
  • Ajax and Firebug


  • jQuery's Ajax-related Methods
  • $.ajax
  • $.ajax Options
  • Convenience Methods


  • $.fn.load
  • Ajax and Forms
  • Working with JSONP
  • Ajax Events


JavaScript Basics

  • Syntax Basics
  • Operators
  • Basic Operators
  • Operations on Numbers and Strings
  • Logical Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Conditional Code
  • Truthy and Falsy Things
  • Conditional Variable Assignment with the Ternary Operator
  • Switch Statements
  • Loops
  • The while Loop
  • Reserved Words
  • Objects
  • Functions

Outline Jquery

  • Downloading and use jQuery
  • Syntax overview
  • Understanding jQuery chaining
  • Anatomy of a jQuery Script
  • Creating your first script(s)
  • Using basic jQuery filters
  • Using basic jQuery attrbute filters
  • Child, content and visibility filters
  • Traversing document content
  • Setting CSS Properties
  • Adding CSS classes
  • Creating, Setting and Getting Content
  • Manipulation of Attributes
  • Inserting Content
  • Working with CSS Information

Animation Effects

  • How events work
  • jQuery Event Object
  • Binding events
  • Effect functions: animate(), click(), hover(), toggle()
  • Creating a simple image slideshow
  • Using Plugins: Tabs, Panels and Panes examples
  • Using jQuery for Form Validation


jQuery UI and Forms and real time examples

  • Using JQuery Mobile
  • Overview of features
  • Understanding page architectureCreating using headers, footers, and toolbars
  • Naviation bars and button basics
  • Touch and Scroll Events

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